Guarantee Check Services

A service that makes accepting a check from anyone with a valid ID as safe as accepting cash. Several programs have been designed for each merchant’s business requirements and volume of checks received.

Xpress Check
A premier check guarantee program which fits the requirements of most merchants, as it provides coverage and protection needed to accept customer check payments at the point of sale.

Small Ticket
Designed for merchants accepting high volumes of low dollar checks. This program provides an option to guarantee these checks with affordable per-item pricing.

Utilizing proprietary software, merchant’s can hold a customer’s check for up to 30 days. And the merchant receives funds within 48 hours. eHoldCheck eliminates the need for a “ticker” file, depositing on a specific date, etc.

Mail Order
As the popularity of home shopping continues to build, it’s crucial for merchant to have the ability to accept all forms of payment with confidence. This check management service allows merchants a quick and efficient method to offer immediate shipment of orders with the comfort of guaranteed payment.

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